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Candles have been used for thousands of years and up until early
1900's, they were the single source for artificial light. Candles
also have a rich tradition in religious services in many faiths through

Today, candles are no longer the single source of light, but used
abundantly in religious services as well as in celebrations for holidays,
birthdays, home decorations, ambience and  scented candles are used
for fragrance.

We offer a selection of scented candles to include: hand made votives,
4 oz jars, and scented tealight candles by Jane Bernard.  In addition, we
distribute a collection of unique scented candles that are handcrafted
in America under the "crystal journey Candles" label. Also candles
for decorations only.

The scented candles by Jane Bernard are lovingly hand-made one
batch at a time, and the fragrance are all thoroughout the candles.
The 4 oz jars are a soy blend.

The CJ scented candles are Reiki charged, and can be used while
meditating on:; Courage, love, Healing, dreams and other intentions.

"Where there is light Darkness will never exist"

Candle Holders & Accessories
Candle Holders to match any decor and collection
Melt Candle Tarts in an Oil warmer with Tealight Candles for fragrance in the home