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Mystical Herb and Resin House Cleansing Incense_2 Ounces
Sacred House Cleanser Incense
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This House Cleansing incense is a blend of  Sacred Resins and Herbs plus Aromatic plants that are infused with Quartz Crystal chips. Comes with 1 charcoal disc.

Derived from natural herbs, gums  that can clear the house of negativity and welcome fresh new energy.

Instructions: Light the charcoal and place in a bowl or cauldron.  Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up.  Add approximately 1 teaspoon of the mix to the charcoal.  Be sure to leave the windows open.  When the smoke rises, walk through all the rooms with the focus on the intention that you want to cleanse.  Offer up your prayers to the Heavens and to Mother Earth.

Be sure to extinguish thoroughly after cleansing.  DO NOT LEAVE LIGHTED INCENSE UNATTENDED.

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