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You can enhance your mood with Home Fragrance Products.  How would you like to:
*Make the scent of your Home Warm and Inviting
*Create a Relaxing Mood
*Mask Household Odor
*Create a "Scent Identity"
*Create "Scent memories" and set a holiday or every day mood
*Create a festive mood for parties

You may do all of the above with our fine hand-made Home Fragrance Products.

We offer a selection of hand made products that can be used in eliminating odor in the home or automobile or to create a fragrant area any where you choose..
The following are our hand made fragrance products for the home: 
Potpourri, Aroma or fragrance oil, aroma sprays for the home, hotel rooms or automobile, hand-made scented candles and our newest version of potpourri candle tarts which we now refer to as "Mallow Melts".  We will be adding a crystal potpourri shortly.

Our bulk potpourri is decorated beautifully, and can be displayed in a crystal bowl or any container.  They can also be simmered in a potpourri pot along with fragrance oils.  
Our Potpourri contain several fixatives including an allergy fixative and fragrance fixative to ensure that the fragrance will be long lasting.

Most people do not have an allergic reaction to our potpourri. 

The  Aroma or fragrance oil is concentrated, and can be used in a potpourri simmering pot,
oil warmer, or any diffuser for the home or the automobile.  Because the oils are so concentrated,
you'll just need to use a few drops with water in your oil warner and a few drops in any terracotta diffuser. 
You'll find that the fragrances from the fragrance oil linger even after you've finished burning.

The aroma sprays are very concentrated solutions. 
They can be used to revitalize potpourri, to add fragrance to freshly made potpourri, 
sprayed in  locker rooms and dormitory rooms, and to add fragrance to dried or silk flowers. 
The aroma sprays are very effective in eliminating smelly shoe odor too!
Our travel size (1/3 oz) can be carried with you to refresh hotel rooms when you travel.
Jane Bernard's scented candles will delight you.  We use the best fragrance oils, and each candle is handmade.  The fragrance is all through the candles, and they are highly scented while burning or just laying around the house.
We have now introduced "Mallow Melts". This will replace our potpourri tarts.  They look like candy, and they are just delicious and smelly.  They make great gifts for friends and relatives and for any favors.
 Finally, all Jane Bernard's  products have not been tested on animals.
1/2 Oz  Fragrance Oils, Candle Making Oils, Soap Making Oils
Fragrance Oils for Home Scenting, Candle Making, Soap Making and Potpourri by Jane Bernard
2 OZ Fragrance Oils Candle Making Oils, Soap Making Oils
Fragrance Oils for Home Scenting, Candle Making, Soap Making and Potpourri by Jane Bernard
4 OZ Fragrance Oils, Candle Making oils, Soap Making Oils
Fragrance Oils for Home Scenting, Candle Making, Soap Making and Potpourri by Jane Bernard
Accessories for Oil Warmers
We offer replacement bulbs, replacement dishes for your fragrance oil warmers and light bulb rings
Aroma Sachet Beads
Aroma Beads are made with essential oils for a pleasurable inhalation experience. They make great shower gifts for weddings or wedding favor gift. You may also hang then in your car or make craft items with them.
Aroma Spray for Home Fragrance
Our Aroma Spray is great for home fragrance needs like refreshing potpourri or eliminating odor anywhere.
Fragrance Oil Burners- Diffusers, Candle Light  Warmers
Use Oil Warmer - Diffusers with our scented oils for wonderful aroma in the home or office. These are all non-electric warmers.
Fragrance Oil Burners_Diffusers, Electric Switch-on
Electric Switch Warmers for any decor
Fragrance Oil Burners_Diffusers, Electric Touch Warmers
Electric Aroma Oil Diffusers_very safe
Fragrance Oil Burners_Diffusers, Mythical amd Angels
Wolves, Eagles, Dragons and Angels for your collection
Fragrance Oil Burners-Diffusers, Night Light Aroma Lamps
Plug in Night Light and Aroma Lamp Combination.
Fragrance Oil Burners-Diffusers, Polyresin
Poly Resin Collectible Figurine Oil-Tart Warmers
Incense by the Bundle by Jane Bernard
A Bundle of One Hundred (100) Premium hand-dipped Incense Sticks by Jane Bernard. Choose from a variety of Scents.
Potpourri Candle Mallow-Melts
Highly scented candle potpourri wax tarts with the most expensive aroma oils are our own hand-made version. Fragrant home memories are created with each use of our simmering highly scented candle potpourri mallow-melts
Reed Diffusers provide a flameless air freshener and make an equally effective centerpiece.