French Milled Fragrant Soap Bars produced by Pre de Provence & Shea Butter Enriched.

Pre de Provence French Milled Soap Bars- 150g or 5.3 oz

These Pre de Provence French soap Bars are basic indulgence for men or women. The fragrance name is embossed on each soap. These soaps contain NO DETERGENT, and so they last much longer than regular soaps, and leaves your skin soft. You actually save money purchasing these bars since you do not have to get a bar every week! 150 g. the following is a description of the fragrances:

Argumes is a light citrus blend of grape fruit citrus and orange.
Benefit: Refreshing! a wonderful soap for use all year, especially in the Summer.

Brazil Nut is a Rich,Warm Fragrance ofthe tropics.

Rose Petal is like a French rose garden in the summer.
Benefit: Rose petals create a soft exfoliating experience.

Milk is clean sweet and pleasing.
Benefit: Very soothing to either sensitive or dry skin.

Coconut is Creamy and tropical.
Benefit: Invoke memories of the warm, sensual tropics.

Green Tea is Exotic, sensuous and woody.

Ginger Spice is a warm sensuous fragrance with a slight hint of spice.

Lychee Nut is a mysterious chinese floral fragrance with a soft nutty undertone.

Lavender is the best alternative to a trip to the South of France! Aromatic & Woody.
Benefit: Lavender acts as an antiseptic to the skin. As a special treat, the blossoms have been included to give our soap an exfoliating quality.

Linden Flower is a Warm citrus with a touch of Spring.

Pecan is a little exotic with a warm, friendly touch of the South.

Cool Peach is fresh peach with a touch of cool mint.

Peony is subtle, sensual, powdery and romantic.

Verbena is a sparkling citrus.
Benefit: Verbena is particularly suited to oily skin and has a slightly astringent and soothing quality.

Rhubarb is mouth watering and delightful to the senses.

Sage is herbal, fresh and exhilarating.
Benefit: Healing, astringent, and exfoliating qualities.

Each 150g is more than worth the investment of $4.00 for each bar, and each bar of these wonderful French Soaps will go a long way. You may invest in several bars.

Great wedding favor gift! - just package each soap in a beautiful organza bag in the color of your wedding, and give to guests. This will become a very thoughtful and pampering gift for both men and women.

"Ever since I've started using these soaps my skin has been improved, and my dermatologist advises that I keep doing what I am doing" Claudia, South Ozone Park, New York.

Pre de Provence French soaps are produced from the purest botanical essences that are harvested in Provence. The soaps are made with you in mind....Those who appreciate and require the finest in bath preparations. Great gift idea!

Price: $4.50
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Manufactured by Pre de Provence

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