Night Light and Oil Burner too with your choice of FREE oil

night light aroma oil burner

Night Light Aroma Oil Burner

Decorative Black Aroma Night Light Oil Burner. Night Light Aroma Oil burners are great items for your home decor, and will be a conversation piece when friends drop by. Plug in a discreet place -- Friends won't see it, but they will smell and enjoy the fragrance. The Night Light Arom Oil burners are safe and easy to use. Just add your favorite aroma oils to the container, plug in and turn on the switch. The Aroma oils will burn slowly so your oils will go a very long way, and there is no need to purchase candles. This item is one of the newest fragrance products for the home, and it has an advantage over scented candles in that it is very effective for home fragrance

Price: $12.97
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Manufactured by Jane Bernard

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  Night Light Aroma Oil Burner - Night Light and Oil Burner too with your choice of FREE oil
  Night Light Aroma Oil Burners Plus FREE oil. - Night Light Aroma Oil Burners for home fragrance


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