Mediterranean Spa Rich Moisturizing Shea Butter - 500 ml

Med Spa Shea Butter

MS Shea Butter Body Butter

This Mediterranean Spa Body butter is rich and moisturizing containing Shea butter to smooth and soften your skin. Massage over the body after bathing or showering.

Ricco burro per il corpo idratante e nutriente arricchito con burro di karite. Lascia la pelle soffice e morbida. Usaio su tutto il corpo dopo il bagno o la doccia.

Reasons to use Shea Butter
"The American Shea Butter institute suggests 21 reasons to use Shea Butter. Shea Butter will provide improvement in all the conditions listed. The amount of time for optimum results will vary with each condition. 1. Dry Skin 2. Skin Rash 3. Blemishes & Wrinkles 4. After Sun 5. Itching Skin 6. Sunburn 7. Shaving Cream 8. Small Skin Wounds 9. Skin Cracks 10. Tough or Rough Skin 11. Cold Weather 12. Frost Bites 13. Stretch Mark Prevention
14. Insect Bites 15. Health Skin 16. Muscle Fatigue 17. Before and After Strenuous Exercises 18. skin Allergies (Poison Ivy or Poison Oak) 19. Dermatitis 21. Skin Damage from heat (Burns, Radiation Treatment for certain medical problems etc.) The information provided by the American Shea Butter Institute is not intended to constitute medical advice. Consult your personal physician with any questions you have regarding a medical condition. Who should shoud use Shea Butter? EVERYONE!! in your supplies for soft skin, in your medicine cabinet for minor skin injuries. SHEA BUTTER IS YOUR SKINS BEST FRIEND".

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Manufactured by Mediterranean Spa - Traditional

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