Asquith and Somerset Homemade Egg Shampoo

Homeade Egg Shampoo

Homemade Egg Shampoo

For hundreds of years natural skin care products were made using recipes handed down from generation to generation. Do you remember when your grandmother would whip up an egg conditioner for your hair. After several treatments your hair would actually become thick. If you want a solution to thinning hair - don't you agree it is worth trying this fabulous Egg Shampoo. In the twenty-first century experience the wholesome care that is only Mother Nature's finest, and wholesome care that only Mother Nature's finest and freshest ingredients can offer. Asquith and Somerset Homemade, back to the future.

Egg Shampoo is for Normal hair. Apply to wet hair. Lather once and rinse thoroughly. This is an Egg Shampoo with real eggs, lemon juice and flaxseed to give shine and body. Size is 250 ml (8.5 oz), and was made in England for Asquith & Somerset.

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Manufactured by Asquith and Somerset

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