Electric Warmer for Scented Candles, Tarts and Potpourri

Electric Tart, Candle, Potpourri Warmer Combo

Electric Scented Candles, & Candle tarts Combo warmer

The perfect gift for those who are do not want to light candles.
They will be able to enjoy the fragrance of any candle without using flame.

Another safe alternative to burning candles. There is no flame, soot or smoke.
Our combo warmer can be used without the ceramic dish as a candle warmer that fits any jar up to 4" wide
or with the ceramic dish as a tart/potpourri/oil warmer.

Just place any scented wax tart or scented oil, potpourri and liquid into the ceramic warming dish,
plug it in and it heat the contents of the dish and fragrance your room.

These have an on/off switch located on the cord. Works great with any size wax tarts.
Our warmers are made of quality ceramic and they look a lot nicer than the plastic
one currently available on the market. 24 watts.

Just place any container candle onto this ceramic warming plate,
plug it in and it will heat the wax without having to light the candle. Works great with apothecary jar candles.

Note: Do you have candles that do not burn out completely and stuck to the bottom of the jar? This is
and ideal warmer to get to the very last drop. Aso use with our Wickless Scented Candles.

Works with any container Scented Candles and also fragrance oils. See other image below:

Price: $11.97
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Manufactured by Sample Mfg

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