Clear Dish container for Oils

oil burner dish

Clear Oil Burner Dish -- Out of Stock

Accidents some times happen. Either you may let your the glass top of your oil burner break because of any number of reasons. Not to worry.... We now have replacement Glass top for all standard Oil Burners.

Precaution: Always use with hot water only, and never add cold water to the glass dish while it is hot. Glass dishes are made to last for as long as you own your oil burner, but you must take simple precautions. Also, never let liquid in dish burn dry. Each tea light candle burn for 4 hours so be sure you have enough liquid in your glass dish container at all times. And, remember if you add water to your oil (which is always a good idea) -- only use HOT WATER.

Price: $3.00
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Manufactured by Jane Bernard

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