Asquith & Somerset lavender Gift Collection for the ultimate relaxation

Flower Fairies Lavender Gift Set

Asquith & Somerset Flower Fairies Lavender Gift set - Out of Stock

This Asquith & Somerset Lavender Gift Collection includes 250ml Bath & Shower Gel,
250ml Body Lotion, 150g moisturising luxury Beauty soaps, and 2 bath cubes.
Kick off you shoes and enjoy this gift set for total relaxation and pampering bathing

The above contents are packaged beautifully in a box that has the classic and
beautiful illustrations Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies which have defied
time and continue to enchant and bring pleasure to girls and women of all ages.

Asquith & Somerset Toiletry Company have invested a great deal of time and
energy to ensure that these beauty products work in perfect harmony with and
enhance, the magical charm of the Flower Fairies. As with all Asquith and
Somerset products only the finest ingredients and fragrances are used -
ensuring that the products themselves thrill and delight.

The packaging offers a nostalgic glimpse into the romantic and secret world of
the Flower Faries.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Price: $14.97
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Manufactured by Asquith and Somerset

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