Fancy Green Glass Aroma Oil Burners

Aroma Oil Burners- Green Glass

Aroma Oil Warmer with FREE oil

Fancy Green Glass Aroma Oil Burnersare wonderful accents to your home decor and produce pleasing home aroma. Oil Burners are complete with glass top for holding Aroma oil. Burners includes FREE aroma oils of your choice and one single tealight candle. Just send us a note in the comments section of the checkout, and let us know what fragrance oil you'd like for your Aroma Oil Burners. Choose your fragrance from our Aroma Oils drop down list.

Glass Aroma Oil Burners are great gift ideas since they are complete with everything that is needed to start enjoying your favorite fragrance in the home. Additional aroma oils are available from our Aroma Oils drop down list.

To use- just add HOT water to the top glass container of the Aroma Oil Burners. Warm oil with tealight candles. The fragrance will be released in the atmosphere for your pleasure.

Price: $16.97
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Manufactured by Jane Bernard

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