Angel Spa Shower Foam of Ginger Sage and Rosemary for Balance

Shower Foam Ginger Sage Rosemary

Angel Spa Shower Foam_Ginger Sage and Rosemary - 500ml

The natural spa collection employes the principles of aromatherapy to cleanse, moisturize restore and refresh. This product combines mineral-rich spa water from an ancient Tuscan spring with pure essential oils to support an overall sense of well-being and to balance.

Carefully crafted to help keep body and soul in harmony.

Includes Aromatherapy essential oils of ginger, sage and rosemary. Letting yourself go and discovering your own intense serenity is easy with this Aromatherapy blend of ginger, sage and rosemary essential oils which draw inspiration from the detoxifying aromatherapy bath at many SPAS.

This bath will help relieve muscular tension while its warm and invigorating scents help you regain peace of mind and body.

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Manufactured by Angel Spa

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