Asquith & Somerset Foaming Body Wash - Pink - 250ml

Saucy Girl Foaming Body Wash

A&S Saucy Girl Foaming Body Wash - 250ml bottle

Saucy Girl Sweet as sugar and cute as a kitten,
A night with me will leave you smitten.
After using our foaming body wash you will feel entirely pampered,
enviably radiant and extremely saucy!

With a cleansing caress and enticing sparkle this exquisitely scented Foaming Body Wash,
dressed in candy pink, bathes your skin in luxuriant pleasure.
Delight in a formulation of the finest quality ingredients offering a heavenly fragrance and a teasing sparkle,
bestowing a shimmering self-confidence.

After using our Foaming Body Wash you’ll feel entirely pampered, enviably radiant and extremely saucy!

Asquith & Somerset is against animal testing.
This product does not contain ingredients derived from animals.

We offer a 90-day money back guarantee, if you are not totally satisfied with the results of these products.

Note: New packaging and 50ml More! and slightly lower price!

Price: $11.97
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Manufactured by Asquith and Somerset

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