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How would you like to enjoy the best natural skincare and home fragrance products at affordable prices?

The quality of your skin, hair and nails will be improved in days. And, your satisfaction with our natural skincare products for man & woman, and home fragrance products is guaranteed.

•Free Gift with most orders
•Over 500 Grade–A Perfume Body Oils
•High Quality Home Fragrance Products
•Handmade Aroma Beads and Candle Melts
•Body Butters that moisturize and soften skin
•Largest Variety of Aromatherapy Essential Oil & Fragrance Oils



Our hand-made Candle Melt wax potpourri are very effective in eliminating odor in your home.  They are manufactured with the finest fragrance oils, and are very strongly scented to fragrance your home.

This is a Great item for any Favor gift. And, is available in bulk quantity or personalization packages.

Choose by the scoop to introduce to friends and family (or just to test for yourself). Also, enjoy generous 6oz package containers, or Gift sets. Cool Runnings is pictured here (blue, beige & brown) 
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Limited Time Offer

*FLOWERBOMB (Viktor & Rolf)_type Women's Fragrance
Your Price: Starting at $6.50
*FLOWERBOMB  (Viktor & Rolf)_type Women's Fragrance
Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf) Perfumed Designer-type Women's Body Oil.
*FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH Unisex Fragrance
Your Price: Starting at $6.50
*FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH  Unisex Fragrance
*Frankincense & Myrrh Unisex (Men or Women) Body Oil.
*PINK SUGAR (Aquolina)_type Women's Fragrance
Your Price: Starting at $6.50
*PINK SUGAR (Aquolina)_type Women's Fragrance
*Pink Sugar (Aquolina)-type Women's Body Oil Fragrances
*PLEASURES (Estee Lauder)_type Women's Fragrance
Your Price: Starting at $6.50
*PLEASURES (Estee Lauder)_type Women's Fragrance
*Pleasures (Estee Lauder)-type Women's Body Oil Fragrances
*QUEEN (Nicki Minaj)_type Women's Fragrance
Your Price: Starting at $6.50
*QUEEN  (Nicki Minaj)_type Women's Fragrance
*Queen (Nicki Minaj)-type Women's Body Oil Fragrances
Florida Water 7.5oz
Your Price: $6.50
Florida Water 7.5oz
Spiritual Cologne
Murray & Lanman Kananga Water Cologne 4 oz
Your Price: $5.50
Murray & Lanman Kananga Water Cologne 4 oz
Spiritual Cologne

Experience the Benefits of our Natural Skincare Products
Did you know that the elements - especially winter and soaking under
a hot shower can strip your skin's natural oils?  Your solution to this
problem is to use Jane Bernard Aromatics and other  Natural
Skincare Products for man & woman featured here.  These
products include French Soap Bars, Perfume Body Oil fragrances

& Body Lotion Sets.


Our French Soap Bars will not zap natural moisture that is in short

supply due to the weather.  If your skin is parched and agravated by

heavy perfumed fabric softners and hemical laundry detergents, our

French Soap Bars with natural herbs, shea butter and Aromatherapy

Essential Oil is your solution.  In addition, any of our Perfume Body Oil

Fragrances & Body Lotion Sets will be excellent as they contain no alcohol or synthetic presevatives or coloring. 


So, indulge yourself from head to toe with all Jane Bernard Aromatics

natural products and Perfume Body Oil for fragrance layering.



Jane Bernard Armatics offer an extensive line of Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Bell Lifestyle Products.


Jane Bernard Aromatics Home Fragrance Products
Just as important as your body is your home.  And, there are several

products that are effective room deodorizers. They include Home

Fragrance Sprays, Candle Melts  and Aromatherapy Essential

Oil  and Aroma Beads. Be assured that the Home fragrance sprays

Sprays and Candle Melts are extremely effective in keeping your home

with long lasting fragrance because they are hand-made one at a time.

Warning: The Aroma Beads cannot be melted in your Fragrance Oil

Burners.  They are for decorative displays only.